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A team of London doctors helping international students get into their dream Medical School

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About us

We are a team of UK doctors, surgeons, academics, and authors of the international best-selling book ‘The Unofficial Guide to Getting Into Medical School’, helping international students get into medical school in the UK and across the world internationally.


Our mission is to support and empower the future generation of doctors by giving international students access to the right information, from the right experts, at the right time to help them secure a place at their dream medical school. Our team is our biggest asset: World-renowned doctors and academics from the UK's best medical universities, including Oxford University, Cambridge University, Harvard University, Imperial College London, UCL who know the recipe for a successful medical school application. At Medefine Education, we are building tomorrow’s successful doctors. Future doctor - are you ready to start the most rewarding journey of your life?


7,000+ applicants taught to date

250+ presentations delivered

29 countries served

98% student satisfaction

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World renowned

Being part of our programmes means being taught by the authors of the international award-winning & best-selling book: The Unofficial guide to getting into medical school

Our international best-selling book

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The Unofficial Guide to Getting into Medical School Packed with inside tips and tricks from hundreds of medical students throughout the UK, this book represents a completely different approach to demystifying the medical school application process.

With over 300 medical students from all 32 UK medical schools sharing the do's and don'ts, this 350 pages book will completely change your perception of what you're expected to know when applying to medical school.


"Endurance lies behind the success of every great doctor and this book will help you to reach that starting point of the best career ever.”

Chair of the College of Medicine, Visiting Professor UCL 

Professor Michael Dixon LVO OBE FRCGP


"Painstakingly researched using personal testimonies from current medical students this highly readable book succeeds in demystifying the application process.”

Dean, Royal College of Psychiatrists

Dr Kate Lovett


"I wish there had been such a useful guide when I decided medicine was for me! I can see it will be an invaluable tool for any prospective medical student"

Prof. Emeritus of Clinical Anatomy, University of Warwick

Prof. Peter Abrahams

Our international bestseller

The Unofficial Guide to Getting into Medical School

Available on:

  • Interview Masterclass
    Interview Masterclass
    Sessions will be scheduled by the student
    Online via Zoom
    Sessions will be scheduled by the student
    Online via Zoom
    -5 hours of 1-to-1 live teaching and interview mocks -Includes theory and strategies used by top 1% students -Includes mock interviews and personalised feedback -Includes Interview Preparation workbook -Previous students maximised their success by 94% -Money back guarantee if unsatisfied

The Medefine DNA

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About our tutors

World-renowned tutors, including UK doctors, academics, university lecturers and medical students ensure personalised 1-to-1 tutoring sessions that focus on the student's individual goals, track progress and work alongside the student at every step of the application journey. We empower international students by giving them access to the right information, from the right people, at the right time.

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Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, Imperial, Kings are your dream options? Make it happen by training with the best students who have gone through the application process. We select the best of the best from the most prestigious Universities and not only. 

Empowering the future generation of doctors

How our students are changing the world - for the better

More than tutoring…Empowering the future generation - how our students are changing the world - for the better

We are very proud to consider ourselves not only a mentoring programme, but a community whose aim is to boost students' growth both academically and on a personal level (i.e. developing confidence and independence) through their engagement in local community projects.


Yi-Han, Thailand

As a school student who wanted to become a doctor, Yi-Han wanted to stand out from other medical school applicants. With support from Medefine Academy, she has put together a book titled 'Oh, it's cancer' aiming to help young children understand cancer.


Tamar, UAE

As part of the Medefine Education Academy, Tamar has developed an international organisation, Few for Every Woman, to support the delivery of sanitary products to women in Beirut, Lebanon, following the recent explosion. Tamar’s enthusiasm and project will nevertheless help her stand out from the crowd during the application process.


Tutoring - what makes Medefine Tutoring so successful?

Since 2015, we have successfully taught over 7,000 international students across the world, helping us understand and refine our tutoring strategies and techniques. Our team of doctors, surgeons, and medical students ensure highest quality teaching, focusing on unique content that will make your application stand out from the crowd.

Please note: In order to ensure the highest quality of our services, we choose to only work with a limited number of students per year therefore applying early and joining our waiting list in advance is crucial.

RECRUITMENT FOR 2022-2023, 2023-2024, 2024-2025 now OPEN!

If you are interested to find out more about our tutoring and how our team of doctors, surgeons and medical students can help you on your medical school application journey, you can find out more by clicking on the 'Tutoring' button or by scheduling a free 15 minute call with our team:

“The programme has offered me the confidence and knowledge to speak up and set up my own unique project. I am thankful for the work experience and practice sessions which are bringing me closer to my goal. Thank you Medefine!”

— Tamar, Dubai

"I would like to thank Medefine Education wholeheartedly for all the help. As I have finally submitted my UCAS application, I would like to say “Houston, we have lift-off”

— Priyanka, London

"I just wanted to say that I am extremely grateful for all the support as I wouldn’t be the person I am today without Medefine. Thank you for pushing me to work outside my comfort zone and believing in me. I never thought I’d ever get over my fear of public speaking or my social anxiety but you’ve helped me become so much more confident. Thank you for being such amazing role models."

— Komal, London

"Glad to have met Medefine Education. They provide insightful talks on a wide range of subjects from medical school entrance tests to talks from different medical professionals, as well as interactive work experience. This has been very useful in preparing me for my personal statement, and interviews. They are honestly the nicest mentors to work with."

— Nika, Abu Dhabi

"Thank you so much for organising such a wonderful event yesterday! I’m so glad to have been a part of it and it was extremely informative and useful, not just for my medical application but has significantly motivated me to become a part of this profession in the future. Really looking forward to the follow up session!"

— Sabine, Dubai

"To be honest, I only have fully trusted Medefine as they have helped my daughter to get all 4 offers for her dream course in the UK. This is why I am returning to them to support my younger daughter in her application for Medicine. I cannot recommend Medefine highly enough for their mentoring and support they also give to us parents."

— Mrs. Ngai (parent), Hong Kong

"Working together with Medefine to polish my application has been an incredibly rewarding experience thus far. With the support and no small amount of encouragement and advice, especially from my personal mentors, I have achieved much more than I thought I ever could on my own."

— Julia, Hong Kong

"First of all, I'd like to express my immense gratitude towards the Medefine team for facilitating such a wonderful and informative event. I cannot thank you enough for providing students like me with an opportunity to gain work experience remotely from the comfort of our own homes, especially in the midst of a pandemic."

— Radda, Hong Kong 

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