Virtual events from London doctors for pre-medical students.

Our regular events delivered by renowned speakers are an opportunity to get a taste of the world-class teaching delivered for our Global Academy each year.
Welcome to UK Medical School - let us help you get there!
Our regular events delivered by renowned speakers are an opportunity to get a taste of the world-class teaching delivered for our Global Academy each year. 
Our highly personalised events are delivered by London doctors and authors of the award winning, international best-selling book The Unofficial Guide To Getting Into Medical School. 
Similar to the academy, we strive for quality, not quantity. Our events are performed in small groups with a maximum capacity of 10 to 20 participants per session. This ensures attendee participation and the ability to focus on their strengths and weaknesses. 

Introduction to Interviews

FREE presentation

This one hour presentation is suitable for current medical school applicants or applicants with an interest in medical school interview. 

Interview Masteclass

half-day event

We’re here to boost your confidence, knowledge, help you practice within a controlled environment, and help you aim for the top in your upcoming interviews.

LIVE Surgical Work Experience  

Three day virtual work experience

This LIVE surgical event split over 3 days will be streamed from the operating theatre in London. You will also practice surgical techniques.

Medical Christmas Tales

FREE presentation

Join our UK doctors and surgeons us for a festive talk and get a true taste of what is is like to be on call during the holiday season.

UK Medical School - what you need to know

FREE presentation

Uncovering the application process step-by-step and providing an overview of work experience, personal statements, entrance exams, and the medical school interview in the UK.

Paediatrics Work Experience  

longitudinal virtual work experience

During this placement you will have the opportunity to interact with paediatric doctors and learn about child health on a weekly basis.

Event calendar

Surgical Work Experience

6th, 13th, 20th December

  • London based award winning surgeons deliver an exciting and interactive introduction into the world of surgery!

  • YOU will get first hand insight into life of a trainee surgeon in the UK with real stories and reflections on managing critically unwell patients and lifesaving procedures  

  • You will be TAUGHT how to scrub into surgery, most common practical skills including the reef knot, surgeons knot, Aberdeen knot many more!

  • LIVE demonstration of basic skills in surgery performed by surgeons on real skin, muscle, bones and organs!

  • LIVE laparoscopic surgery simulation using state of the art minimally invasive technology

  • Surgeons will present SIMULATED patients in both emergency and elective surgery where YOU will have to make life or death decisions 

  • We will present the WORLD’s FIRST virtual reality anatomy demonstration 

  • Receive PERSONAL feedback on your own knot tying and suturing skills from Mr Das to further improve your own skills

  • Receive a signed certificate

Interview Masterclass

for students awaiting interviews this year

6th December

  • Delivered by UK doctors and surgeons, authors of the international best-selling book the ‘Unofficial Guide to Getting into Medical School’

  • Discover answering techniques that will boost your confidence and knowledge 

  • Learn the core background theory concepts encountered in medical interviews

  • Find out top tips and tricks from UK doctors and surgeons who have previously sat on several interview panels

  • Discover successful answering strategies to help you ace your interviews

  • Test your skills in mock interviews and receive tailored feedback from UK doctors and surgeons 

  • Take part in a virtual MMI to prepare you for your upcoming interviews

  • Receive personalied feedback, tailored to your strengths and weaknesses

  • Receive take away materials and resources to help you practice 


Virtual Work Experience (one day)

online via Zoom

The Online Hospital LIVE - from across two London hospitals

*Virtual Hospital Internship

Join UK doctors, learn how to prescribe medication for your own patient, make treatment decision, learn suturing skills - the perfect work experience opportunity that can be done from the comfort of your own home.

  • Join LIVE ONLINE patient clinics across two LONDON hospitals

  • Work alongside renowned UK doctors and surgeons

  • Learn core surgical skills, suturing wounds, and dissecting live organs

  • Make real time treatment decisions that will affect your patient’s wellbeing

  • Prescribe medication and request investigations using real drug charts and forms

  • Manage emergency situations, analyse blood results, and examine patients

  • Fast-track your career in medicine: work experience certificate upon course completion to boost your UCAS application


Virtual Paedistrics Work Experience Placement (Longitudinal programme for 5 weeks)

online via Zoom

Paediatrics virtual placement: Structure

*Virtual Hospital Internship

Join UK doctors during a longitudinal Paediatrics work experience placement taking place online. Doing a longitudinal will give you deeper insight into the world of medicine and will make your application stand out. The programme will last for 5 weeks and will require 2 hours/week.

  • Week 1: Introduction to Paediatrics

  • Week 2: History taking & communication

  • Week 3: Examining babies and children

  • Week 4: Recognition and management of the sick children

  • Week 5: Safeguarding, legal and ethical basis of child health

Teaching and leaning time: 2 hours per week over 5 weeks, including 1 hour of teaching delivered by doctors + 1 hour of self-reflection done by the student.

Our international bestseller:

The Unofficial Guide to Getting into Medical School

Available on: 


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—  A.Z., Hong Kong

“Thank you so much for organizing such a wonderful event yesterday! I’m so glad to have been a part of it and it was extremely informative and useful, not just for my medical application but has significantly motivated me to become a part of this profession in the future. Really looking forward to the follow up session!” 


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