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clinical  internship

The world’s first virtual clinical internship designed to simulate medical school problem-based learning. 

Starts on 14th May 2023. *Limited places available

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Delivered by physicians, surgeons and primary care doctors from:


Clinical Internship

The world’s first virtual clinical internship designed to simulate medical school problem-based learning delivered by doctors and medical students, followed by a LIVE virtual clinical simulation in Central London.

A 6-week Virtual Clinical Problem-Based Learning Experience

A Truly Unique Opportunity 


The Clinical Internship is a world-first fully immersive pre-med programme. The course has been designed to simulate medical school teaching and provide students with a comprehensive insight into the major specialities medicine with LIVE virtual work experience. Our virtual learning environment will enable you to develop your basic clinical knowledge, learn to lead and work in a team, and experience what it's like to be a medical student. Our programme is led by experienced UK based doctors and students who are passionate about helping you achieve a competitive advantage for your medical school applications. If you're ready to take the first step towards a career in medicine, the Clinical Internship is your launching pad!



What is Problem-Based Learning? 


Problem-based learning is an innovative and challenging approach to medical education. It is innovative because it is a new way of using clinical material using real patient scenarios to help students learn, and challenging because it requires the medical teacher to use facilitating and supporting skills rather than traditional lectures. For the student, problem-based learning emphasises the application of knowledge and skills to the solution of problems rather than the recall of facts. The Clinical Internship utilises problem-based learning to provide pre-medical students with the tools and learning outcomes to start thinking and discussing like doctors!


What will you achieve by the end of the Research Internship?

Under the direct supervision of a researcher, each student is encouraged to undergo their own personalised research projects and produce one academic poster to present their short research to a professional, academic audience. Students will have the chance to learn about research equipment, how to use research databases and perform a real-life research project. In addition, students will also learn the necessary skills well sought after during Oxbridge admission interviews. For example, they will develop their scientific communication skills by converting their academic poster into a patient leaflet, using lay terms to explain complex scientific concepts that can be easily understood by anyone. All student projects will be closely guided by a researcher and a clear, step-by-step guide to performing the research will be provided to the students. At the end of the Research Internship, the best patient leaflets will be printed and displayed at world-renowned academic/healthcare institutions in the UK. Past patient leaflets were displayed at the UCL Institute for Child's Health and Oxford Cancer Charity. All academic posters and patient leaflets will also be displayed online, in a first-in-class Metaverse gallery.

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For school students applying to study MEDICINE in the UK or internationally!

Why join the 6-week online Clinical Internship:
Start thinking, learning and speaking like a doctor!

Delivered by practising physicians, surgeons, primary care doctors and global health leaders.

Work in small groups with students from all over the world and build your team working and leadership skills.

Enhance your communication skills and practice taking a medical history with an actor patient.

Deliver a presentation to over 50 other students presenting your group patient case and strengthen your public speaking skills

Gain the competitive advantage by reflecting on your learning n the medical school personal statement and interview

Time commitment: 1 hour/week over 6 weeks. The programme has been refined to ensure that you can balance it with your important school and activities. All sessions are recorded if you miss sessions.

Certificates provided

*Please note: All sessions will be 1h long and will be running on Sundays, over 6 weeks. The sessions will be live via ZOOM and recordings will be provided if you miss any of the live sessions.

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The structure of the Clinical Internship

This innovative programme comprises of a problem based learning model with a range of large and small group sessions accompanied by exclusive virtual LIVE work clinical work experience presented in London clinical teaching centres. This curriculum has been specifically tailored to the pre-med student who will be aspiring to build a competitive application to medical school.


The internship covers three major specialities within medicine:

  1. Internal Medicine (May 2023)

  2. Surgery (Coming soon!)

  3. Primary Care and Public Health (Coming soon!)

Students will go through a patient's clinical history and examination findings and propose relevant investigations and management options, enabling them to develop critical thinking skills and think like a doctor. There will be opportunities for students to practice taking a clinical history from an actor patient, which is exclusive to Medefine Education!

Our immersive environment will give you a true taste of working in a multi-disciplinary healthcare team, including an appreciation of the world's wider health issues. Below is a sample structure of the clinical internship curriculum for the course:

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Your first patient

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Here's an example

Patient: Mrs. Smith 


You are medical student working in the emergency department. Mrs Smith, a 79 year old lady has

attended due to chest pain.

Over the last 4 days, she has had worsening central chest pain and has had persistent burning

pain in her stomach. She has had the pain several times before, but this time her antacid tablets haven’t helped at all. She has also noticed soft black stools and has occasionally vomited with red coloured contents. The pain had continued this morning, and Mrs Smith felt sick enough to vomit again, this time it was bright red. She became very worried and called the ambulance.

Now, her life is in your hands!

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How does problem-based learning work?

Based on the example above, during the 6-week online clinical internship, the students will:

During the first 5 weeks, students will be prompted to start creating a list of medical, physiological and social issues for this patient and will summarise the questions they would like to ask to gain further information. This will include the history of this patient's issues, her other medical issues, current medications and how she is coping at home. This will be important as the following session will be with an actor patient whom they will need to ask the clinical questions to learn more about this patient!

Once they have obtained the relevant information from the actor patient, the students will then work together to narrow down a differential diagnosis list and the steps for investigation and subsequent management. The trained facilitators will be ensure that students consider the physical, mental and social wellbeing of the patient in this case to ensure a balanced approach.

The LIVE Clinical Simulation Virtual Work Experience

The 6th and final week of the Clinical Internship will culminate with a 1 day LIVE work experience presented at London-based clinical teaching environments. Students will have an opportunity to consolidate their knowledge and build their communication skills, critical thinking and practice leading discussions and asking clinical questions.

Images from the previous Live Clinical Simulation Work Experience

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Delivered by physicians, surgeons and primary care doctors from:


Who is this Clinical Internship for?

The clinical internship has been designed in an evidence-based method whereby students from Year 9 to 13 can participate.

The primary aims of this course are to provide insight into clinical medicine and self-development with team working, leadership and communication. These attributes are highly sought after by prospective medical school students. The clinical internship is ideal for the following students:

  • Students who want to apply for a science-based subject but are unsure whether it should be medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine or a health science subject. This immersion into the clinical environment will be highly beneficial to make this important decision

  • Students who are 100% sure medicine is the right choice for them and want to maximise their chances of applying for the most competitive Universities in both the UK and abroad, including Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London, Harvard University,  Hong Kong University, UAEU etc.

  • Students who want to develop their soft skills such as English language speaking, confidence and the first opportunity for public speaking.

*Limited seats. Sign up now! 

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How will this help with my university application?

Applications to medicine have been increasing year on year, and post COVID-19 pandemic the competition has only further increased! This is because of talented, ambitious and hard-working students like you who want to make a REAL difference for patients and the health of society.


Therefore, gaining a competitive edge has never been more important and mandatory. We know that getting clinical work experience and hands-on teaching by doctors has been very difficult over the last 3 difficult years.

The Clinical Internship offers the complete package to ensure that you gain:

Experience and exposure in problem-based learning (PBL) methods used by the majority of UK-based medical schools. You can mention this in your interviews on your suitability to study at a PBL-based medical school.

LIVE clinical simulation work experience that is appreciated by a large number of medical schools globally.

Certificate of completion to evidence your participation.

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Delivered by physicians, surgeons and primary care doctors from:

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When is the Internal Medicine Clinical Internship taking place?

Please note: All sessions will be a minimum of 1 hour in duration for the core content and will take place on Sundays at 10AM UK time for the duration of 6 weeks.


When: 1h/week, between 14th May -  18th June 2023


The LIVE clinical simulation will be for a total of 6 hours, including breaks and reflective sessions.

This course has run for over 5 years, and we pride ourselves in the feedback that it does not deter students from commitments at school, extra-curricular activities and family time.

Please see the timetable for the Internal Medicine Clinical Internship below 👉:

Certificate provided

Receive a certificate of completion which you can add to your UCAS/College application.

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Do I get a certificate?

Yes, students who participate in more than 80% of sessions will get a certificate of completion of the Clinical Internship course. Students are eligible for further commendation for excellence if they volunteer to be team leader for their group and lead the public speaking case presentation.

What if I cannot attend all sessions? Can I watch the recording of some of the sessions?

All sessions are recorded and uploaded to an online learning environment. If students miss sessions due to other commitments, they can watch it in their own time and submit reflections to provide proof of course completion.

What if I cannot afford the placement?

We pride ourselves in offering widening participation and educational hardship grants, please contact us directly at


I am interested in the research program, but I am worried that it might take too much time. 

We wouldn't want this internship to distract students from school work, therefore, we designed it in a very flexible way where students would need to commit only 1 hour per week (for 6 weeks) at their discretion for the teaching sessions/project sessions (all the 1h live teaching sessions will also be recorded and students could watch them in their own time if they miss any of them live). 

What if I only come across the Clinical Internship and it has already started?

Students can contact us directly and be invited to join the LIVE clinical simulation work experience at the end the internship and will be placed at the top of the waiting list for there next cycle of the internship


"The virtual surgery work experience has been the most exciting and inspiring activity I’ve ever done. I am now more determined than ever to get into medical school!"

—  Amna, Dubai

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Step into the fascinating world of Clinical Medicine!

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Delivered by physicians, surgeons and primary care doctors from:


Register for the Clinical Internship

The programme will start on Sunday 14th May 2023 and will be running for 6 weeks, until 18th June. Time commitment: 1h/week. See timetable here.

We offer bursaries as part of our widening access and participation scheme. Please contact us for details at 

*We offer very limited places for this Clinical Internship to ensure an immersive experience and offer development support for the students.


"The doctors are incredibly inspirational, and they always go above and beyond to answer all of our questions to ensure we understand"

—  Amar, Dubai

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