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Two-day UCAT Masterclass: 8/9th JUNE or 29/30th JUNE or 13/14th JULY 2024


Our flagship 2-day UCAT course (virtual) that goes beyond what's readily available online

*Limited places available

This year (2024 entry), 67% of our students placed in the top decile (above 2890), meaning they have a higher chance of receiving a competitive medical school interview
Our top scorer achieved an overwhelming score of 3330, placing them in the top 0.1% of applicants
We received a rating of 4.9 out of 5 in post-course feedback surveys, highlighting the overall satisfaction and value of the course

This Masterclass has helped students receive interviews from:

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The thought of taking the UCAT often generates much anxiety and worry in students. As medical schools place an increasing emphasis on the exam and all UK universities moving to the UCAT, students are often faced with the challenge of achieving a high score.


To effectively prepare students for this crucial exam, our course focuses on three main components:


  • Knowledge: Including an in-depth understanding of the five sections of the UCAT - Verbal Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Reasoning, Abstract Reasoning, and Situational Judgement.


  • Skills: Covering the key types of questions and scenarios students are likely to encounter in the UCAT. Our course provides extensive practice and comprehensive strategies for navigating each section effectively.


  • Insights from experience: Offering a range of valuable insights, including but not limited to time management techniques, methods for handling challenging questions, insights from past successful UCAT candidates, and other critical strategies that can give students an edge in the exam.


The most (?) important stage of your medical application!

The UCAT is often regarded as the most critical step in your journey to medical school, as universities heavily rely on it to assess candidate suitability. This means that understanding the UCAT inside out, from its structure to the types of questions you'll face, is crucial for any aspiring medical student. It's not just about practising questions; it's about mastering techniques, time management, and the mental agility to tackle each section efficiently.

It's essential to be well-prepared and know precisely what the top 1% of students do; doing poorly in this exam may cost you a place at medical school! This is where our UCAT course comes into play, designed to transform a daunting challenge into an opportunity for you to stand out.

What is this UCAT course about?

Our course is a 2-day, in-depth, fully tailored virtual program that equips you with the skills and strategies needed to conquer the UCAT. With a blend of comprehensive lectures, extensive practice questions, and real-time simulation exams, our course offers a holistic preparation method. You'll learn not just how to answer questions correctly but also how to do so under the time constraints that make the UCAT uniquely challenging.

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Buckhingham Palace
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Now updated with UCAT strategies from 2023-2024!


Theory + Practice


Delivered by world-renowned UK doctors and authors of the international best-selling book the ‘Unofficial Guide to Getting into Medical School’.

100% satisfaction

We take pride in having 100% student and parent satisfaction as part of our UCAT training over the past five years. We have successfully helped over 5,000 students get into top universities across UK, HK, UAE, Australia and all over the world since 2014.


Includes top tips and tricks from UK doctors and UCAT experts who have all previously sat the UCAT

Money back

We have yet to have an unsatisfied student and are confident the inside tips and tricks provided by our doctors and admission tutors will help you secure your dream place at medical school. We operate a full refund policy for unsatisfied students.

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Everything you need to ace the UCAT!

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Course content

In the UCAT course, our methodology emphasises a balance of theoretical learning and practical application. We provide our intensive course to build foundational knowledge, followed by a variety of practice resources and mock exams to reinforce learning and improve speed and accuracy.


Interactive tutorials and personalised sessions are integral parts of our course, ensuring students not only understand the concepts, but also develop the ability to apply them effectively under exam-like conditions.










Sessions and structure outline

Many students face challenges when approaching the UCAT, as it differs significantly from traditional school exams in both format and content. Recognising this, we facilitate a smooth transition to the unique demands of the UCAT by:


  • Changing Mindset: We help students understand the rationale behind the types of questions asked in the UCAT, encouraging them to align their thinking with the exam's objectives. This includes insights from experts who have a deep understanding of the UCAT's structure and purpose.


  • Timing Strategies: Time management is a key component of the UCAT, as the exam rewards completion rather than accuracy. We teach students effective timing strategies, enabling them to allocate their time wisely across questions, ensuring they complete the exam within the given timeframe without sacrificing accuracy.


  • Familiarisation with the UI: Mastery of the UCAT interface is vital for efficient test-taking. Our course includes sessions that familiarise students with the exam's user interface, including practice with keyboard shortcuts, question flagging, and navigating through different sections, ensuring they are comfortable and efficient on test day.


  • Handling Unexpected Scenarios: The UCAT can present challenging and unexpected questions. We train students in techniques to remain calm and think critically under pressure, preparing them for any difficult scenarios they might encounter.


  • Navigating Questions Efficiently: We teach students strategies for effectively navigating through questions, including when to spend more time on a problem, when to move on, and how to make educated guesses when necessary, ensuring a smooth and strategic progression through the exam.

What makes this programme so unique?

As with our courses and activities, we strive for QUALITY over quantity. Our events are delivered by UK doctors, surgeons, and medical students who have previously sat on several admissions committees at prestigious universities. Private sessions are performed in a one-on-one setting to ensure attendee participation and the ability to focus on maximising your strengths and building on your weaknesses. Tips, tricks, and strategies have been based on years of experience and the successful tutoring of over 5,000 successful medical students since 2014.


This intensive tutoring course is an opportunity to experience the world-class teaching delivered by our doctors and surgeons as part of the world-renowned Medefine Academy – a global programme selecting and training students from all over the world every year.

Please note: To ensure the high standards of interaction and quality throughout, places are limited. Book early to avoid disappointment

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Money back guarantee 


We take pride in having 100% student and parent satisfaction as part of our interview training over the past five years. We have successfully helped over 5,000 students get into top universities across the UK, HK, UAE, Australia and worldwide. We have yet to have an unsatisfied student and are confident that the inside tips and tricks provided by our doctors and admission tutors will help you secure your dream place at medical school.