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Created to inspire.

Why join us

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The UAE Aspiring Medics & Scientists Conference is the must-attend event of the year for school students interested in becoming future doctors & scientists. Last year we welcomed over 400+ students representing 50+ schools from across the UAE. Each year, the Annual UAE Aspiring Medics and Scientists Conference remains the largest event for aspiring medics and school students interested in healthcare professions.

The conference is organised by students for students. The event is FREE for all to attend; it aims to educate, inspire, and bring together tomorrow’s future healthcare professionals and scientists by getting them inspired by some of the world's greatest speakers and academics. 

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who is this 

This conference is open to:

  • School students (Y9-T13) passionate about Medicine and Science 

  • Parents

  • Teachers

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Conference highlights:

  • Networking sessions with doctors & scientists from Oxford University, University College London, Imperial College London, and Harvard University who will be travelling to Dubai to meet you in person. ​

  • Certificates signed by supporting institutions for in-person attendance

  • Hear from and network with UAE medical students, as well as UK medical students and doctors


  • Join dedicated information sessions for parents about medicine & bioscience applications at top universities in the UK & UAE

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Meet the student organising committee from 2023

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Charlotte Anna Stoll

Committee Chair

Medical Student


Mieke Visser

Dubai College


Lottie Holt

Committee President

Year 12

Dubai College 


Nisa Arora 

Events Officer

Year 11

Dubai College


Anna Zaman

Dubai Lead 

Year 12

Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 12.32.17.png

Mishel Kudel

Social Media Officer

Year 12 

Dubai College

Apply for the Aspiring Medics Society!

Click the link below to apply to be part of the Aspiring Medics Society. This is a core group of students who help with the overall organisation of the conference and run events to connect students across the UAE throughout the year. 

Become a student ambassador

Are you interested in being an ambassador for the largest conference for aspiring medical students or scientists? Here’s an invite to join our enthusiastic team of school students!

You'll receive a certificate from us in recognition of your efforts and a nice opportunity to demonstrate leadership skills for your CV.

Become a student ambassador

This year we’ve created a new, exciting job role and it’s exactly what it says in the name. If you want to promote and hype up this conference, keep reading. This title will be the beginning or extension of your journey to being a leader, an influencer and a passionate member of our conference team. If you want to confidently chant ‘we are the ambassadors’, these are the steps to doing so:


  • Attend the conference 

  • Share the word with anyone and everyone through sharing social media posts, posters around school etc. 

  • Be open to learning and welcoming new skills as well as opening doors to great opportunities 

  • Write a review of what you have completed during your time as an ambassador. 

What’s in it for you?

  • Certificates will be provided recognising your crucial role in co-organising the largest UAE Aspiring Medics & Scientists Conference

  • Certificates signed by our collaborators including World Health Organisation, Medical Royal Colleges, and many others

  • We hope these can boost your involvement in future activities and help with upcoming University applications (especially for those thinking of becoming future doctors and scientists!)




If you'd like your school/academic institution to get involved in the conference by sharing the event with your students or by helping with organising, we'd love to have you on board. Your school's/academic institution's logo will be on our website, plus you'll receive a certificate of partnership from us at the end of the event to recognise your efforts.

Moreover, we'd be very happy to support your school/academic institution and your students interested in MEDICINE or SCIENCES in the future with free presentations and resources for your school/academic institution.

*Please note: there is no cost involved, participation and support is completely free.

Send us an email at

We will schedule a 15 minute call to meet each other and see how we can best collaborate.

Your school will become an official partner for the conference, sharing this event with your students/other schools.

Logo will be on this website and you'll receive a certificate of partnership.

We'll support your school and students interested in Medicine or Biosciences in the future with free resources and presentations.

to register:

Send us an email at with the subject "Partnership UAE conference" and we'll reach out to you.

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