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FREE talk

Internal Medicine

Tips & Tricks from a UK doctor

Saturday 16th July, 1-2 pm UAE time

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FREE talk: Uncovering Internal Medicine


  • Event open to school students (Year 9 - Year 12) and parents

  • Delivered by the UK doctor and lecturer at Oxford Medical School 

  • A 1-hour overview of Internal Medicine designed to give school students an overview of different medical specialities including Cardiology, Nephrology, Neurology etc.

  • An overview of work experience: what counts as work experience and how you could find opportunities to get involved

  • Top tips and tricks from the inside 

  • A glimpse into what it takes to be in the top 10% of applicants 

  • Dedicated Q&A session for students, parents, and teachers 

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This one-hour FREE talk is delivered by a UK-based cardiologist and lecturer at Oxford Medical School. This event was designed to give school students (Year 9- Year 12) a brief overview of Internal Medicine.


Did you know that a heart attack and a stroke are very similar in how they occur?


Internal medicine doctors have to race against time to save the heart tissue and brain tissue from death to save the patients life!


Join Dr Navin, an academic physician training at the University of Oxford  as he guides you through common internal medicine conditions through an interactive and highly engaging case based discussion.


He will also highlight the importance of getting work experiences and building your medical application portfolio to become a competitive candidate!

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This online event will be delivered by a world-renowned UK doctor who has tutored more than 3,000 applicants who have successfully obtained a place at medical school 

who is delivering this course?

Dr. Navin Nagesh

Dr Navin is not only a UK based doctor, but also a lecturer at Oxford Medical School. As an academic doctor he has published 20 journal articles and has presented his research the US, Europe and Asia. His primary interest is in cancer research and he is currently working at the world famous Barts Cancer Institute where he is the sub-investigator on 8 clinical trials. He is currently a Global Clinical Research Scholar at Harvard Medical School and hopes to become a leader in clinical research to innovate and transform patient care pathways.


Delivered by UK doctor and bestselling author

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Are you ready to hear the best tips and tricks for getting into Medical school?

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“Thank you so much for organizing such a wonderful event yesterday! I’m so glad to have been a part of it and it was extremely informative and useful, not just for my medical application but has significantly motivated me to become a part of this profession in the future. 

—  A.Z., Hong Kong

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