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Streamed LIVE from a hospital in London

One-day virtual work experience for SCHOOL STUDENTS

Sunday 18th June - online

From the organisers of

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Largest medical conference in UAE for school students

1 day, 800+ school students 

Conference support from:

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Discover an unparalleled opportunity tailored exclusively for international school students aspiring to apply to medical school! Say goodbye to mundane virtual work experience events as we present a truly exceptional experience streamed live from a renowned London hospital.

In the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, the landscape of university work experience requirements has undergone a dramatic shift, with ongoing changes on the horizon. Finding work experience has become increasingly challenging as fewer hospitals are accepting students due to Covid-19 regulations. However, our one-of-a-kind, one-day virtual work experience event has been meticulously crafted to align with the latest university requirements, granting students unparalleled access to real doctors within authentic hospital settings, all from the comfort of their own homes.

We understand that no one should embark on a career in medicine without gaining an intimate understanding of the profession's realities and day-to-day experiences. Whether you are still contemplating whether medicine is the right path for you or have already made your decision and are focused on strengthening your application and improving your CV, this extraordinary event is tailor-made for you!

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Internal Medicine Work Experience - LIVE from a physician’s stethoscope

Streamed LIVE from a hospital in London

Sunday 18th June

Experience R E A L medicine: real doctors, real hospitals, in London, the world capital of medical innovation

Want to exercise your medical diagnosis skills and see what medicine is truly like? Are you passionate about medicine and want to gain some valuable work experience?

Unlock the ultimate edge in your journey towards medical school! Clinical work experience is an absolute must for aspiring applicants, providing unparalleled insights and preparing you for the challenges that lie ahead in a rewarding medical career.

Introducing a groundbreaking innovation: The World's First Interactive Virtual Clinical Work Experience. This transformative program has been meticulously crafted to equip you with comprehensive clinical communication skills, examination techniques, medical ethics, and a deep understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of healthcare.

Prepare to be fully engaged as you participate in live, real-time interactions with doctors, immersing yourself in the world of medicine like never before:

  1. Ask patient actors your own clinical consultation questions, receiving immediate, authentic responses!

  2. Take charge by ordering relevant investigations, including blood tests, scans, and more.

  3. Engage in dynamic discussions with a diverse team of experts including radiologists, microbiologists, physiotherapists, and pharmacists, as you collaboratively develop potential diagnoses and treatment plans that prioritize patient safety.

  4. Gain hands-on experience by prescribing medications using an interactive drug chart.

  5. Face medical emergencies head-on, relying on decision aids and expert guidance.

  6. Master the art of delivering sensitive news to patient actors, creating strategies that ensure compassionate care.

Don't settle for ordinary when you can seize this extraordinary opportunity to elevate your medical school application!

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One day to get a real test of internal Medicine in the real world!

Key learning points to cover in your med school application:

Communicaton Skills

Attendees will master effective communication, the cornerstone of patient care. Through direct patient engagement, students develop invaluable skills to connect, empathise, and convey complex medical information with clarity and compassion.

Examinaton Skills

Attendees will acquire the essential skills of conducting comprehensive physical examinations, including taking accurate medical histories, performing thorough physical assessments, and interpreting clinical findings with precision.

Medical ethics

Attendees acquire a profound understanding of medical ethics during clinical work experience. They navigate ethical dilemmas, prioritise patient autonomy, and uphold confidentiality and professionalism. The significance of interdisciplinary teamwork in healthcare is also emphasised.

Multi-disciplinary team

Students gain hands-on experience working alongside physicians, nurses, scientists, and healthcare professionals, appreciating each team member's roles. They learn to value diverse perspectives, contribute effectively in teams, and understand the significance of interdisciplinary cooperation in holistic patient care.

Certificates provided

This event has previously helped students get into:

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The structure of the one-day work experience

This LIVE work experience has been carefully structured to include simulated patient scenarios in internal medicine followed by debrief sessions with a senior medical school admissions tutor to reflect on the learning points and how you can utilise this experience in your personal statements and medical school interviews.


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Here's an example

Patient: Mrs. Smith 


You are medical student working in the emergency department. Mrs Smith, a 79 year old lady has

attended due to chest pain.

Over the last 4 days, she has had worsening central chest pain and has had persistent burning

pain in her stomach. She has had the pain several times before, but this time her antacid tablets haven’t helped at all. She has also noticed soft black stools and has occasionally vomited with red coloured contents. The pain had continued this morning, and Mrs Smith felt sick enough to vomit again, this time it was bright red. She became very worried and called the ambulance.

Now, her life is in your hands!

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Your first patient

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What to expect from the LIVE Clinical Simulation

  • Doctors and medical students will simulate a realistic clinical consultation of this patient with an accurate clinical history, examination and patient-centred approach with empathy and kindness
  • Students will have the opportunity to interact LIVE with the Doctors and give ideas and thoughts on how to manage this patient. This will be your FIRST experience in managing a patient
  • YOU will ultimately decide the management plan for the patient and the Doctors will adapt the simulation based on your decisions. The power is truly in your hands so do the best for your patient!
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Who is this event for?

This event is open to any SCHOOL STUDENTS from Year 9 to Year 13 (or the equivalent Grade 8 to Grade 12). This event is suitable for:

  • students who haven't decided whether medicine is the right career for them and would like to get a better understanding

  • students who are currently preparing their medical school application

  • students who would like to enhance their CV and application with medical work experience which covers the latest university application requirements

Certificate provided

Receive a certificate of completion which you can add to your UCAS/College application.

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Scrub in, we've got some lives to save!


Do I get a certificate?

Yes, students who participate in more than 80% of sessions will get a certificate of completion of the Clinical Internship course. Students are eligible for further commendation for excellence if they volunteer to be team leader for their group and lead the public speaking case presentation.

What if I cannot attend all sessions? Can I watch the recording of some of the sessions?

All sessions are recorded and uploaded to an online learning environment. If students miss sessions due to other commitments, they can watch it in their own time and submit reflections to provide proof of course completion.

What if I cannot afford the placement?

We pride ourselves in offering widening participation and educational hardship grants, please contact us directly at


I am interested in the research program, but I am worried that it might take too much time. 

We wouldn't want this internship to distract students from school work, therefore, we designed it in a very flexible way where students would need to commit only 1 hour per week (for 6 weeks) at their discretion for the teaching sessions/project sessions (all the 1h live teaching sessions will also be recorded and students could watch them in their own time if they miss any of them live). 

What if I only come across the Clinical Internship and it has already started?

Students can contact us directly and be invited to join the LIVE clinical simulation work experience at the end the internship and will be placed at the top of the waiting list for there next cycle of the internship

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Register for the general Medicine one-day LIVE simulation

The programme take place on Sunday 18th June 2023 and will be streamed LIVE from a hospital in London.

We offer bursaries as part of our widening access and participation scheme. Please contact us for details at 

*We offer limited places for this General Medicine simulation day to ensure an immersive experience and offer development support for the students.



"The doctors are incredibly inspirational, and they always go above and beyond to answer all of our questions to ensure we understand"

—  Amar, Dubai

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