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Virtual events from London doctors for pre-medical students.

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Helping Hong Kong students get into UK Medical school

In partnership with Norton House, we are very excited to announce a series of events specifically designed for Hong Kong students who want to apply to Medical School in the UK. 
Our award-winning events are delivered by top London doctors and promise to give you tips which cannot be found on Google. The information you'll receive is based on the experience of over 500+ medical school applicants - you're in for a real treat as you'll be equipped with the best tips&tricks commonly used by the top 10% applicants. 
Welcome to UK Medical School - let us help you get there!


Sunday 27th September 2020

online via Zoom

UK Medicine Bootcamp: Algorithms, tips&tricks and top strategies from UK doctors and admission tutors (including strategies for Oxbridge Medical Schools for international applicants)

  • Applying to UK Medical School as an international student: competition rates and strategies to maximise your chances as an international student

  • How the UK Medical School application system works: algorithms, insights, and tips to aid medical school selection based on your grades, strengths, and weaknesses

  • The criteria used by admission tutors to evaluate your medical school application and how to make yours successful

  • Oxford and Cambridge Medical School Admissions – particularities and strategies to maximise your chances of getting in as an international student

  • Dissecting the perfect personal statement and how to make yours unique (including top strategies for a winning personal statement for Oxford and Cambridge Medical Schools) 

  • Work experience – How to stand out from the crowd

  • How to ace the medical interview – top strategies for a successful interview (covering knowledge basis, emotional intelligence, body language, and content delivery)

  • UK Medicine entry exams: Acing the UCAT and BMAT (Strategies and techniques delivered by those who scored at the top of their cohort)

+ many more

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Date: 27th September 2020

Location: online via Zoom

Price: £120

Sunday 4th October 2020

online via Zoom

The Online Hospital LIVE - from across two London hospitals

*Virtual Hospital Internship

Join UK doctors, learn how to prescribe medication for your own patient, make treatment decision, learn suturing skills - the perfect work experience opportunity that can be done from the comfort of your own home.

  • Join LIVE ONLINE patient clinics across two LONDON hospitals

  • Work alongside renowned UK doctors and surgeons

  • Learn core surgical skills, suturing wounds, and dissecting live organs

  • Make real time treatment decisions that will affect your patient’s wellbeing

  • Prescribe medication and request investigations using real drug charts and forms

  • Manage emergency situations, analyse blood results, and examine patients

  • Fast-track your career in medicine: work experience certificate upon course completion to boost your UCAS application

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Date: 4th October 2020

Location: online via Zoom

Price: £350

Check out the COMBO offer - both events (Virtual Hospital Internship + Admission into Medicine Bootcamp) at an exclusive price:

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