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set up a medical society at your school with us

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Setting up a Medical society/club at your school/university is easier than you think. We are here to help you along the way. You can either register a new society with us or enrol an already existing society with us. Either way, your work will be rewarded with a certificate at the end of the academic year. 


With tens of thousands of medical applicants every year, standing out from the crowd is becoming increasingly difficult. If you’re looking for something that could shine in your personal statement or that may be used to score extra points during your interview, being the founder and leader of a medical society might help. Your project could be used to portray key traits such as having good transferable skills (including organisational skills, etc).


  • A certificate at the end of the academic year acknowledging your leadership skill signed by renowned doctors and several organisations including the College of Medicine

  • 50% off the book The Unofficial Guide to Getting into Medical School. This book will help you with information which can be used to structure society talks

  • All members of your society will receive 30% off future events and presentations

  • Receive materials to help you with organising events for your society members

  • Our mentors could deliver a free presentation about getting into medical school, based on availability 


In order to receive a certificate at the end of this summer, your society would need to tick all these boxes:

  • Organise between 2 and 5 events with a minimum of 5 attendees/event. You can use the Pre-medicus free webinars as events or set some yourself. Here are some suggestions that we drafted for you: 'Document'.

  • After each event you’d need to send us evidence that a minimum of 5 members of your society took part in every event.

  • Complete a short reflection (250 words minimum) describing what you have learned, what skills you have gained, and how these skills may be of use in your future career as a doctor

  • Email your reflection together with the above at, subject email: Medical Society Certificate

  • Advertise our future events with your society members in order to get 30% discount on all our future presentations and conferences

Step by step guide:

  1. Fill in the form below to officially register the society with us

  2. Once the form is submitted, we’ll send you relevant materials for activities and events, plus instructions on how to get the The Unofficial Guide to Getting into Medical School with 50% discount for your society

  3. After every event, you’d need to submit some evidence to us to ensure that you’ve completed your checklist and get a certificate. 

  4. Submit your final short reflection via email to us and claim your certificate

  5. That’s it, have loads of fun ;)

Talk suggestions for setting up a medical society at your school/university

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