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Unite. Aspire. Empower.

Sunday 19th March 2023, 12:00pm - 5:00pm (*UAE time)

The LARGEST international conference for  SCHOOL STUDENTS interested in MEDICINE





Created to inspire.

With support from:


Healthcare supporters:

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Why join us

The UAE Aspire Med Conference is the must attend event of the year for school students interested in becoming future doctors, hosting world-renowned inspirational speakers that will enrich your understanding of a career in medicine as well as showcasing motivational stories from those who have succeeded in the world of medicine.


We’re here to rejuvenate your passion during the difficult times facing the global pandemic. If medicine or surgery is your dream career, this conference is for you! 


Virtual, free event hosted across all UAE regions


Dedicated to school students (Year 9 to Y13) interested in Medicine and Surgery


International, inspirational and thought-provoking speakers


Certificates provided on attendance


Key insights into the daily lives of renowned doctors and surgeons and tips on how to become one


Motivational stories from those who have succeeded in the world of medicine

 who is this 



This conference is open to high school / secondary school students (pre-medical, NOT university students) with a desire to apply to medical school and with a passion for a career in medicine and surgery.




Dr Michael Dixon 


Medical Advisor to the UK ROYAL FAMILY (HRH Prince of Wales) and Chair of the College of Medicine UK.


Isabelle Wachsmuth

Health Systems Expert at WHO Geneva

Isabelle Wachsmuth is working at the World Health Organisation WHO headquarters leading an innovative incubator Art Impact For Health and SDGs to grow art and culture within the medical environment. This new innovative strategy aims to build resilient individuals, communities, and health systems, creating a global creative and organic community movement that advances the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Health for All. 

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Dr Bogdan Chiva Giurca 

Clinical Doctor, Harvard GHI Collaborator, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur

London-based and award-winning Dr Bogdan Chiva Giurca has authored three medical textbooks and is the Global Alliance and Clinical Champion Lead for Social Prescribing. Alongside his clinical duties, he has also undertaken various projects in fields such as Global Health, Social Prescribing, and Healthcare Teaching.


Gareth Presh

CEO World Health Innovation Summit

CEO World Health Innovation Summit, Collaborator of United Nations and WHO.


Dr Nawal Al Kaabi

Chair of the Clinical National Covid-19 Committee

Chair of the Clinical National Covid-19 Committee, Chair of International Patient Care Committee, DOH. Chairperson of the National Immunization Technical Advisory Group, MOH, UAE, and its vice-chairperson since 2017.


Dr Moamar Ibrahim Al-Jefout

Ob-Gyn Consultant

Associate Professor and Consultant in Reproductive Medicine and Endoscopic Surgery, at Mutah University, Jordan and United Arab Emirates University (UAEU), College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CM&HS), UAE.


Huda Ahli

Emirati PhD researcher at Imperial College London, UAE representative at Cop26

Huda is a PhD researcher in plastic electronics at Imperial College London, Vice President for the first global youth council in the UK and Co-founder of UAE STEM. She obtained Associate Fellowship recognitions (AFHEA) for her university teaching contributions at Imperial college London. Huda is also a youth 4 sustainability council member, a Masdar initiative supporting youth for future sustainability, and was part of the youth Emiratie delegation to COP26 in Glasgow. 


Mohamed AlAmeri

Co-Founder of UAE STEM 

Co-Founder of UAE STEM, Member of the Youth for Sustainability council and a PhD candidate in Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML) genetic diagnostics in paediatric patients at UCL Institute of Great Ormond street child health & The Zayed Centre for research into rare disease. He has worked at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City’s molecular diagnostic laboratory and at University College London (UCL) as a teaching fellow. Mohamed was part of the UAE Delegation to COP26 in Glasgow as a Y4S youth delegate . In addition, he is a previous member of UAE’s Global Youth Council in the UK.


Dr Mark Kristiansen

Associate Professor at University College London (UCL) and Head of UCL Genomics

Associate Professor in Genomics at University College London (UCL) and Head of the Genomics Facility at the Zayed Centre for Research into Rare Diseases in Children, London. Dr. Kristiansen is also a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy the co-director a several world-renowned Masters programmes at UCL.



Win the chance to have your work showcased in Geneva as part of THE World Health Organisation (WHO) exhibition showcasing the power of Arts in Health!

Submissions: OPEN; Deadline: 18th March 2022

Are you constantly torn between your left and right hemisphere? Are you eyes in the books but your heads in the sky? Trust me, here at Medefine we sympathise with the creative minds amongst you and recognise the importance of expressing yourself through the arts. We also recognise how crucial arts are to the field of medicine. Often these two subjects are divided, much like we divide our left from our right. However, our brain would not function without the two sides working together and neither would our healthcare system. Using creative approaches, like drama as part of an integrated treatment in dementia is just one of many examples. 

So, here’s our proposal to you… whether you’re the next Picasso or can barely colour in the lines, we invite you to not only attend, but be part of our conference! Get creative using any means (painting, poetry, story, photography etc.) and any theme that fits in line with the title of ‘The Power of Art in Healthcare.’ The deadline for the pieces is the 13th of March. Please note, submissions after midnight 13th of March will not be taken into consideration.

Theme suggestions

The theme of the competition will be: Sustainable Health and Planetary Health, the power of art in portraying the importance of our link with the nature (the importance to preserve water, air, lands and to recover our harmony with the nature).

Prizes and awards: 

The winning piece will be showcased by our World Health Organisation partners as part of a wider exhibition in Geneva focusing on the role of Arts in Health!

Submission process:

  • Use the Submit button below to enter the competition by 18th March 2022.

  • Group entries are also accepted. If you are submitting an art work on behalf of a group of students, please write the full names and year of study / school of all participants involved.

  • Winners will be offered the opportunity to present (a very short presentation with an opportunity to describe their art work) at the conference. Should you not wish to present, all you have to do is just inform us via the above attached email.

Meet the student organising committee


Charlotte Anna Stoll

Committee Chair and Co-organiser

Medical Student


Aarav Sethia

Dubai Vice Lead

JESS Dubai (Year 12)


Nika Pourmohammad

Ambassador and Promotional Lead

JESS Arabian Ranches

(Year 10)


Amna Alhendi

Outreach Lead and Co-organiser

Medical Student

UAE University


Nieffer Sharif 

Ambassador Coordination Leads

Brighton College Abu Dhabi(Year 12)


Jeongyeon Kim

Ambassador Coordination Lead

WhatsApp Image 2021-02-14 at 9.27.58 PM.

Steve Jonan Cingapagu 

Abu Dhabi Vice Lead


SoEi Kim

Social Media Lead


Jeevarshan Elangovan

Social Media Lead

Become a student ambassador or champion

Are you interested in being an Ambassador or Champion for the largest conference for aspiring medical students? Here’s an invite to join our enthusiastic team of students!

You'll receive a certificate from us in recognition of your efforts and a nice opportunity to demonstrate leadership skills for your CV.

Become a Student Champion

This year we’ve created a new, exciting job role and it’s exactly what it says in the name. If you want to promote and hype up this conference, keep reading. This title will be the beginning or extension of your journey to being a leader, an influencer and a passionate member of our conference team. If you want to confidently chant ‘we are the champions’, these are the steps to doing so:


  • Attend the conference 

  • Share the word with anyone and everyone through sharing social media posts, posters around school etc. 

  • Be open to learning and welcoming new skills as well as opening doors to great opportunities 

  • Write a review of what you have completed during your time as a champion. 

What’s in it for you?

  • Certificates will be provided recognising your crucial role in co-organising the largest UAE Aspiring Medics Conference

  • Certificates signed by our collaborators including World Health Organisation, Medical Royal Colleges, and many others

  • We hope these can boost your involvement in future activities and help with upcoming University applications (especially for those thinking of becoming future doctors!)

IMPORTANT: All champions and ambassadors will be selected on a first come first served basis therefore we may close the application process once we have found the team members we were looking for. Applications will be processed by our team every Thursday.

Become a Student Ambassador

If you are a highly enthusiastic aspiring doctor or surgeon with connections to both pupils and staff members, have a genuine passion for promoting the conference through presentations, social media posts, newsletters, etc, and are keen to enhance your leadership skills then this might be the role for you.


Essential requirements: 

  • Previous leadership and management experience (e.g. president / Vice President / leader of any school student groups such as the Medical School Society); 

  • Previous involvement in organising events (extra points allocated for those actively involved in the getting into medical school community of aspiring medics 


Your role will include the following:

  • Attend the conference

  • Work directly with our team to connect us to your school / medical school society

  • Be open to developing your skills such as leadership and public speaking

  • Write a review of what you have completed during your time as an ambassador

What’s in it for you?

  • Certificates will be provided recognising your crucial role in co-organising the largest UAE Aspiring Medics Conference

  • Certificates signed by our collaborators including World Health Organisation, Medical Royal Colleges, and many others

  • We hope these can boost your involvement in future activities and help with upcoming University applications (especially for those thinking of becoming future doctors!)

Please note: School students applying to become ambassadors who may be unsuccessful will be able to continue as Champions for the conference. This is a brilliant opportunity to support the organising of the conference. Ambassador roles are designed to involve school students who have previously been leading societies and organising events in the past.



If you'd like your school/academic institution to get involved in the conference by sharing the event with your students or by helping with organising, we'd love to have you on board. Your school's/academic institution's logo will be on our website, plus you'll receive a certificate of partnership from us at the end of the event to recognise your efforts.

Moreover, we'd be very happy to support your school/academic institution and your students interested in MEDICINE in the future with free presentations and resources for your school/academic institution.

*Please note: there is no cost involved, participation and support is completely free.

We will schedule a 15 minute call to meet each other and see how we can best collaborate.

Your school will become an official partner for the conference, sharing this event with your students/other schools.

Logo will be on this website and you'll receive a certificate of partnership.

We'll support your school and students interested in Medicine in the future with free resources and presentations.


Conference agenda

Sunday 20th March 2022, 12:00-4:00pm (UAE time)

12:00 pm

(UAE time)

Welcome & Introductions

12:10 pm

Keynote address from Dr. Nawal Alkaabi - Chair of the Clinical National Covid-19 Committee

12:30 pm

Global health advocacy and championing Sustainable Development Goals - Gareth Presch, CEO of the World Health Innovation Summit

12:50 pm

Medical school FACTS versus MYTHS session with UAE and UK based medical students including Charlotte Stoll, Matthew Lau, Bessan Jaffal, Mohammad Albanna and Amna Ahli

1:10 pm

Break & Q&A time

1:20 pm

The connection between Medicine and Research - Genetics, academia, and career progression with Dr Mark Kristiansen, Head of UCL Genomics

1:40 pm

Insights from Huda Ahli and Mohamed AlAmeri on inspiring the future generation of researchers and healthcare professionals

2:00 pm

Isabelle Wachsmuth, WHO Lead for Arts in Health: The Power of Art in Health

2:20 pm

Break & Q&A

2:40 pm

Inspiring the future generation of healthcare professionals: Practical tips from Dr Bogdan Chiva Giurca

3:00 pm

Youth empowerment and innovation session chaired by Dr Navin Nagesh 

3:20 pm

Women’s health and the importance of breaking down the stigma with Dr Moamar Al-Jefout

3:40 pm

Closing Remarks, Take Away Messages, Where next?

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Get your certificate

In order to receive your certificate for attending the conference, you'll need to click on the button below and fill in a short feedback form. Once you submit the feedback form, you'll automatically get a link to download your certificate.

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