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Algorithms and top strategies from UK doctors and admission tutors
(including strategies for Oxbridge Medical Schools for international applicants)


Sunday 27th September 2020 ONLINE via Zoom

UK Medicine Bootcamp:
Algorithms and top strategies from UK doctors and admission tutors
(including strategies for Oxbridge Medical Schools for international applicants)


  • Applying to UK Medical School as an international student: competition rates and strategies to maximise your chances as an international student

  • How the UK Medical School application system works: algorithms, insights, and tips to aid medical school selection based on your grades, strengths, and weaknesses

  • The criteria used by admission tutors to evaluate your medical school application and how to make yours successful

  • Oxford and Cambridge Medical School Admissions – particularities and strategies to maximise your chances of getting in as an international student

  • Dissecting the perfect personal statement and how to make yours unique (including top strategies for a winning personal statement for Oxford and Cambridge Medical Schools) 

  • Work experience – How to stand out from the crowd

  • How to ace the medical interview – top strategies for a successful interview (covering knowledge basis, emotional intelligence, body language, and content delivery)

  • UK Medicine entry exams: Acing the UCAT and BMAT (Strategies and techniques delivered by those who scored at the top of their cohort)

  • What if I don’t get into Medicine in the UK? Exploring alternative routes into medicine

  • Public vs Private Medical Schools in the UK: Broadening your options when applying to Medicine as an international student

  • How to maximise your chances of getting into UK Medical School during COVID-19

  • Exploring life as a doctor in the UK – real life examples from the day-to-day life of a junior doctor in London

  • Exploring life as a medical student in the UK – real life examples from the day-to-day life of a medical student in the UK

  • Building confidence – how to become more mature and think like a future doctor 

  • Is Medicine the right choice for me? Key reflections from UK doctors and medical students that will help you choose your dream career

  • Bioscience versus Medicine in the UK – UK doctors and scientist will be revealing the main differences and similarities between the two careers

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A large proportion of applicants will apply by default and simply hope for the best. Our mentees have always been taught to design their path in life and not simply leave it up to chance. We hope you’ll join us for an informative bootcamp covering EVERYTHING you should know prior to embarking on your medical school application journey in the UK.: A full day of interactive presentations where we go in detail about the key application strategies and algorithms to maximise your chances to obtain a place at medical school in the UK as an international applicant.

Our doctors, medical students, admission tutors and scientists have worked hard to ensure we uncover crucial changes and challenges that you should be aware of prior to submitting your application. As with our previous courses, the content and information is aimed at focusing on unique, high quality information to help you score within the top 10% of the applications pile.

From personal statements, to A-level and IB challenges, entrance exam cut-offs, reviewing work experience, strategies for applying to Oxford and Cambridge medical schools, and all the way to performing interviews on an online basis, applying to medical school is a real challenge - and we are here to help you maximise your chances of becoming a future doctor in the UK.


The Perfect Personal Statement 

Learn about the different teaching styles across UK Medical Schools and choose the one which fits you best after sitting a psychometric test. Find out how to maximise your chances by selecting the medical school that suits your personal statement, grades, and personality.


The Perfect Personal Statement 

Discover the principles behind a winning personal statement and get the tips used by the top 10% applicants. Leave the day with the first draft of your personal statement completed and find out the most important keywords that could make your application stand out from the crowd.


Interview Masterclass

Theory & Practice

Learn how to successfully navigate the medical school interview, with top tips and tricks from renowned doctors who have been part of several interview panels. Mock interviews and practice will help you ace your upcoming interview.


UCAT + BMAT Strategies 

Get optimised strategies based on your own strengths and weaknesses. Find the exam scores and cut off marks for different medical schools and complete a mock test racing against the clock with an exam mentor.

Why this event is unique

* Our courses are delivered by renowned UK doctors, admission tutors and medical students

* High quality, unique information to help you reach the top of the application pile

* Highly interactive and are tailored to the needs of our audience

* Our courses harness not only knowledge, but also confidence boosting and personal development

World-renowned speakers

Live online across two London hospitals, this one-day event will be delivered by the award-winning UK doctors Dr Bogdan and Dr Navin, authors of the international best-selling book ‘The Unofficial Guide to Getting Into Medical School’.


Dr. Bogdan receiving an award from

HRH Prince Charles

Screenshot 2020-06-08 at 21.57.37.png

Dr. Navin receiving a science communication award from President of the Royal College of Pathologists


Dr. Bogdan meeting Stephen Hawking at the Royal Society of Medicine

Event programme

Sunday 27th September, 8am-4:00pm (UK time)


*UK time

Introduction and making the most of the day


Lunch and Q&A with UK doctors and medical students


A checklist for the ‘perfect’ UK medical school application


Breakout session 1 (for the early starters): UCAT Tips, tricks, and why you should start practicing early



The impact of Covid19 on applications and how to maximise your chances


Breakout session 2 (for those applying this year): BMAT: Tips, tricks, and why you should consider doing the BMAT


Using algorithms to select the ideal medical school based on your grades, personal statement, experiences, UCAT results, and teaching style preference


Medical interviews: Insights, tips, and tricks from doctors and students


Mock interviews with an opportunity to practice your skills


Dissecting the perfect personal statement: Checklist and real examples from top applicants


Summary of the day, Homework, and Final Remarks


End of event and certification

+ Certificate upon event completion signed by UK doctors


“Thank you so much for organizing such a wonderful event yesterday! I’m so glad to have been a part of it and it was extremely informative and useful, not just for my medical application but has significantly motivated me to become a part of this profession in the future. 

—  A.Z., Hong Kong

Registration for this even has already closed.

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